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  • Personal effects - These are covered for their replacement value up to $1,000 per item and a maximum of $5,000 any one event under our policy
  • Additions – Our policy will automatically cover you for up to $25,000 of additional cover for fixtures, fittings or boat gear purchased during the period of insurance
  • No fault – no excess – No one likes to pay an excess in the event of a claim that was not their fault. This is why under our policy if your boat is damaged for an incident you were not at fault for then there is no excess to pay.
  • Fishing and dive gear – Under our policy we offer automatic cover for fishing and dive gear up to $5,000 in value with a single item limit of $1,000. We can even extend this cover up to $20,000 with a limit of $2,000 any one item if needed and only with a standard $250 excess
  • Liability - Our policy automatically provides cover for $10,000,000 Third Party Liability cover
  • Emergency towing costs whilst afloat – Our policy covers the reimbursement of your towing costs incurred as a result of mechanical or electrical breakdown whilst your boat is underway or attempting to get underway. There is no excess for this benefit and there is cover for up to $2,000 during the period of insurance
  • Loss of entry fees – Where your boat has been damaged resulting in a claim under your policy there is cover for up to $1,000 in relation to loss of entry fees during the period of insurance for a fishing competition that you may have entered.
  • Boat Change – If you decide to replace your boat but forget to let us know don’t worry as our policy will automatically cover you as along as you let us know within the next 30 days, the boat is of a similar type and construction and has a value no more than 25% greater than your previous boat
  • Cover - Our policy covers you and your craft up to 200nm off the Coast of New Zealand


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